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She’s giving a voice to millennial women

What’s on your home screen?

Wunderground, to keep an eye on what the weather is actually like (the Weather app always fails me). Google Cal, to keep my always-hectic schedule in check. Twitter, which is my compulsive go-to procrastination tool. Slack, so I can keep up with my team no matter where I am. Trello, to check on project updates and change. Pages, so I can track the social progress of our content. Google Analytics, to see what’s working and what isn’t on our platform that day. Mailchimp, for real-time updates to our email audience. Any.DO, the latest checklist app that I’m trying out — I’m incredibly picky when it comes to productivity tools. LinkedIn, because it helps me stalk incoming meetings and recent connections quickly. Inbox by Gmail, which is a streamlined way to manage and respond to the emails coming in. Embark DC, Embark NYC, MBTA, DC Next Bus, RideOn, Google Maps, and HopStop optimize my public transit options, although I prefer Uber and Lyft during a time crunch, which happens more often than not these days. Lastly, Snapchat, because who can resist a hilarious filter during a stressful workday?



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