Delta Air Lines Wants the Boeing “797” ASAP: Here's Why

Last year, Boeing(NYSE: BA) strained its relationship with U.S. airline giant Delta Air Lines(NYSE: DAL) by attempting to have big tariffs imposed on Delta's purchase of CSeries jets from Bombardier. Many pundits saw Boeing's trade complaint as a risky move that could alienate a key customer -- especially after Delta

American Airlines Scales Back Its Ambitions in New York

For many years, New York City has been one of the few markets where all three legacy airlines -- American Airlines(NASDAQ: AAL), Delta Air Lines(NYSE: DAL), and United Continental -- have tried to maintain a strong position. (Los Angeles is the other main exception.) Airlines' interest in New York is perfectly

How Celgene Hopes to Cash In on CAR-T

Chimeric antigen T-cell therapy (CAR-T) is an important new approach to battling blood cancer, and while it's too soon to say what company will develop an approved treatment first, Celgene (NASDAQ: CELG) has a good shot at coming out on top. In January, it announced it's buying Juno Therapeutics(NASDAQ: JUNO)

3 Hated Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Investors seem to despise pipeline giants Kinder Morgan(NYSE: KMI), Enbridge(NYSE: ENB), and Plains All American Pipeline(NYSE: PAA) these days given that all three are down more than 20% over the past year. Yet while the market currently hates these stocks, dividend investors should be rejoicing, because those who take advantage

Your Simple Guide to Tobacco Stocks

Tobacco stocks are among the most controversial on the market. On one hand, tobacco companies merely provide a common consumer good, appealing to customers' demand for the products they make. Yet the negative health impacts of smoking make some investors vehemently opposed to the businesses that produce cigarettes. That has

6 Things That Could Cause a Stock Market Crash

The stock market has crashed several times throughout history, including the infamous Crash of 1929, Black Monday in 1987, and the financial crisis of 2008. While the exact cause of each of these crashes can get a bit complicated, stock market crashes are generally caused by some combination of speculation,

3 Reasons to File for Social Security on Time

If you're a member of the Procrastinators' Club, you may be planning to file for your Social Security benefits as late as you can -- but should you actually do so? Each of us has a "full retirement age" (FRA), at which we can start collecting our full benefits, and it

3 Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Next 50 Years

We Fools like to take the long-term view. That's why we're constantly on the hunt for businesses that have the potential to deliver for decades on end. So which stocks do we think investors can safely own for the next half-century? We asked three Foolish investors to weigh in, and

Steve Wynn Is Losing Control of Wynn Resorts

When Steve Wynn stepped down as CEO and chairman of Wynn Resorts, Limited(NASDAQ: WYNN) on Feb. 6, it may have seemed that the drama for the company was over. But that's far from the case given how entangled Steve Wynn is in the company's fate. The latest news is that