Gates Sees Vaccine Technology Promise as Drug Resistance Rises

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates sees emerging vaccine technologies as one of the most promising realms in the pursuit of new medicines amid the rising threat of drug-resistant strains of deadly diseases.Vaccines that use a mirror image of DNA to halt the growth of bacteria and viruses appear capable of

Qualcomm is laying off more than 1,500 people

Kudlow on what a trade war looks like: 'I don't know. You tell me.' Qualcomm is axing more than 1,500 jobs across California and an undisclosed number in other parts of the United States and around the world. The San Diego-based chipmaker says the cuts are part of a $1 billion

From witness stand, AT&T chief details new $15-a-month streaming service

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, testifying in court that the company does not want to stop innovation in streaming services, talked about a new skinny bundle called AT&T Watch. Here's a different way to announce a new product — during your testimony in a federal court case. That's how AT&T CEO Randall

Walmart employees may soon get a more lax dress code

Walmart raises age restriction for gun purchases to 21 Walmart employees could soon be getting a little more wiggle room in their work attire. The discount giant is testing a new dress code that would allow workers to wear any solid colored shirt and adds blue to the mix of approved

DoD Must Be More Agile in Technology Development, Official Says

WASHINGTON -- The Defense Department must embrace a more agile approach to technology development to keep pace with rapidly evolving adversaries, the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering told lawmakers yesterday. #cboxClose position: absolute; top: 5px;

Exclusive: YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels

Meet the CEOs who decide what you see online Ads from over 300 companies and organizations -- including tech giants, major retailers, newspapers and government agencies -- ran on YouTube channels promoting white nationalists, Nazis, pedophilia, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda, a CNN investigation has found. Companies such as Adidas(ADDDF),

Crypto company’s stock plunges on SEC probe

What is blockchain? Many companies trying to ride the crypto wave are faring even worse than bitcoin itself. Riot Blockchain's stock has plummeted 77% in 2018. (Bitcoin prices have plunged 40% in 2018.) The bursting of the bitcoin bubble clearly is hurting Riot Blockchain(RIOT). But news worsened when the company

Amazon, Microsoft among top companies hiring foreign workers

Eric Schmidt: Cap on H-1Bs is 'stupid' Big tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are getting more H-1B visas for foreign workers, and outsourcing firms are getting fewer. Amazon was the second largest recipient of new H-1B visas in 2017, according to an analysis released on Thursday by the National