Huawei's New Front in the Global Technology Cold War: Australia

Huawei’s New Front in the Global Technology Cold War: AustraliaImageA Huawei sign at a consumer electronics show in Shanghai this month. The company appears to be increasingly caught in a debate in Australia about Chinese companies.CreditAly Song/ReutersBy Jacqueline Williams and Raymond ZhongJune 19, 2018SYDNEY, Australia — Already essentially shut

Xiaomi makes its mark among dream employers for Chinese students

See what a Chinese tech giant's campus is like The rising profile of one of China's top smartphone makers has helped make it a dream employer for Chinese students. Xiaomi, the Beijing-based electronics firm known for its affordable iPhone alternatives and internet-enabled rice cookers, has been ranked as one of the

Top bitcoin exchange says over $30 million in cryptocurrencies stolen

The U.S. town where Bitcoin thrives One of the world's biggest bitcoin exchanges on Wednesday said that more than $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies have been stolen from it. Bithumb, an exchange based in South Korea, said in a notice on its website that all customer deposits and withdrawals have been

Cyberwarfare — the Latest Technology of Destruction

NonfictionCyberwarfare — the Latest Technology of DestructionImageCreditSally ThurerBy Paul R. PillarJune 19, 2018THE PERFECT WEAPON War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber AgeBy David E. Sanger357 pp. Crown. $28.New technologies of destruction have appeared throughout history, from the trireme and gunpowder in past centuries to biological and nuclear weapons

Will Slovakia stay at the forefront of a technology that will shape its future?

Artificial Intelligence is already delivering a real value for businesses.Font size:A-|A+0Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being implemented across all industries dramatically increasing human and it will continue to transform the global economic and social ecosystems. Will Slovakia stay at the forefront of a technology that will shape the future of

Telecom companies say they won’t share your location data anymore

Apple CEO: Privacy is fundamental human right In a small victory for your privacy, the nation's four largest telecom companies announced Tuesday that they will stop providing customer location information to companies that aggregate data on their customers. The move comes just over a month after Sen.Ron Wyden of Oregon raised

Judge Allows Copyright Claims Over Technology Used on Disney's 'Avengers'

Disney, Paramount and Fox must contend with a lawsuit over "stolen" technology. The judge looks at past piracy cases and finds this situation more comparable to Napster than Google. Is it possible that some of the entertainment industry's biggest blockbusters from the past decade — Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers:

In tech, patents are trophies — and these companies are dominating

Patents: A history of innovation Dan Zhang just had his career bar mitzvah. Zhang, 30, interned at Apple(AAPL) and Intel(INTC) before landing a full-time engineering role at another big tech firm last year. This spring, he finally checked off a key item on his bucket list: filing his first patent.