Bloomfield implements new technology in the classroom

BLOOMFIELD, Ind. (WTHI) - Technology has made some significant advances in the classroom over the years. Just ask Bloomfield junior-senior high school principal David Dean. Dean says, "I can remember getting the first Windows 2.0 and having that as a workstation. And you know just to think about where we've come

Technology is the application of knowledge

The conversations are endless. Consumers want and some demand to know the origin, safety and nutrition contained in the food they eat or feed their families. Little more than a decade ago, seemed like most people could give a hoot about their food. Heck, 20 years ago the only time

Uber to pay 56 workers $1.9 million for harassment and discrimination claims

Arianna Huffington on Uber: 'No brilliant jerks allowed' Uber has agreed to pay 56 current and former employees about $33,900 each, or $1.9 million, to settle their claims of gender discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment. On Monday, lawyers for the plaintiffs filed paperwork in a Northern California district court that

Can Technology Save A Failing Healthcare System?

This screen grab shows the main page of the website in Washington, on Monday, May 21, 2018. A major government survey finds that the U.S. clung to its health insurance gains last

Who needs democracy when you have data?

In 1955, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov published a short story about an experiment in “electronic democracy,” in which a single citizen, selected to represent an entire population, responded to questions generated by a computer named Multivac. The machine took this data and calculated the results of an election

It took 3 years, but Uber finally hired a chief financial officer

These companies are trying to win back your trust Uber finally hired a chief financial officer to help itgo public in 2019. On Tuesday, the ride-share company announced thatNelson J. Chai will fill arole that has been vacant since 2015. Chai comes to Uber from the Warranty Group, a Chicago-based insurance

How can technology help businesses host a successful event?

According to the 2017 Pulse Report, the events industry was worth more than £42 billion to the UK economy, and its growth over the past few years shows no signs of it faltering. One year after this same report was released, the value of the event’s market had increased

WhatsApp’s new CEO meets Indian officials after lynchings

WhatsApp: Facebook's other problem WhatsApp has rolled out a slew of features designed to prevent mob violence in India. But officials there say the company needs to do even more. The Facebook-owned messaging app "must find solutions to these challenges which are downright criminal and [a] violation of Indian laws," technology