Delta 'Technology Issue' Temporarily Disrupts Travel and Enrages Customers

Delta ‘Technology Issue’ Temporarily Disrupts Travel and Enrages CustomersImageDelta Air Lines planes at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Delta was experiencing technical difficulties on Tuesday, which caused widespread confusion.CreditCreditJoshua Roberts/ReutersBy Matt StevensSept. 25, 2018Technology problems forced Delta Air Lines to temporarily put all its departing domestic flights on hold

Delta resumes operations after a 'technology issue' briefly halted flights

Delta Air Lines said it resumed operations after a "technology issue" briefly halted domestic departures on Tuesday evening. div > > p:first-child"> The second-largest U.S. airline had issued a ground stop for U.S. flights, which prevented planes from departing. It said there had "been no

Major US Dairy Co-Op Pilots Blockchain Technology for Food Supply

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a U.S. national milk marketing cooperative, has teamed up with food fintech startup to pilot a blockchain-powered project aimed at improving the food supply chain, according to an announcement published September 25.DFA is a cooperative owned by dairy farmer-members in 48 states, the

How technology is improving the carbon footprint of businesses

Humanity, in general, can benefit from higher levels of environmental awareness. We only have one home, after all, and if continuing to treat it poorly is not going to lead to a positive outcome for anyone. Industrial and commercial enterprises are, by and large, major contributors to climate change

Walmart's Veggie-Tracking BLT: Blockchain Lettuce Technology

ImageWalmart says it now has a better system for pinpointing which batches of leafy green vegetables might be contaminated.CreditCreditCharlie Bennet for The New York TimesSectionsSkip to contentSkip to site indexWalmart’s Veggie-Tracking B.L.T.: Blockchain Lettuce TechnologyThe giant retailer will begin requiring lettuce and spinach suppliers to contribute to a blockchain

Technology, Humanity, and the Existential Test

Can we govern ourselves? Will we? If you pull far enough back from the day to day debate over technology’s impact on society – far enough that Facebook’s destabilization of democracy, Amazon’s conquering of capitalism, and Google’s domination of our data flows start to blend into one broader, more cohesive