When Passion and Technology Meet

ImageCreditBrian StaufferSectionsSkip to contentSkip to site indexWhen Passion and Technology MeetInnovators are creating new ways to use technology and help solve problems.CreditBrian StaufferTheir Invention Identifies DisinformationImageAsh Bhat, right, and Rohan PhadteFounders of RoBhat Labs, Botcheck.meAsh Bhat and Rohan Phadte have been friends since junior high in San Jose, Calif.,

Yes, Technology Still Rules, As This Tech-Sector Play Shows

Think technology is an important sector this year? Without techs, the S&P 500 would be down for the year. X The S&P 500 owes its entire year to the technology sector's 8.5% increase and a 25% weighting, Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, wrote in a report Wednesday. No wonder then,

Exploring Blockchain Technology in Blacksburg

Blockchain technology could become the next great communications platform. It promises to provide both transparency and security to transactions of all kinds. And Blacksburg, Virginia is poised to become a center for its development.

Rich People's Problems: When technology fails

James Max May 24, 2018 Print this page Face time used to be a key to personal riches. In my former life as an investment banker, if you wanted a decent bonus, you put in the hours. Being physically present at work, doing work. Sometimes a little ingenuity was required. After all,

X-Ray Technology Is Speeding Up the Search for Hidden Gold

A breakthrough x-ray technology that can detect and analyze unseen gold is now up and running in Australia, the world’s second-biggest producer, with plans to take it to Africa.The new technology, developed by Australia’s national science agency, uses high powered X-rays to bombard rock samples and activate atoms of

How an Alexa speaker recorded and shared a private conversation

Amazon's Alexa is laughing at users and creeping them out Alexa has many talents. Amazon's voice assistant can play music, set timers, order a pizza, and send recordings of private conversations to random people in its users' contact list. An Amazon Echo user in Portland, Oregon,says she was shocked to learn