Plan to end rule that allows spouses of H-1B holders to work is delayed

Eric Schmidt: Cap on H-1Bs is 'stupid' Plans to rescind an Obama-era rule that allows spouses of thousands of H-1B visa holders to work in the United Stateshas been delayed until June, according to a court filing from the Department of Homeland Security. Under a rule introduced by President Obama's administration

GM reveals high-tech pickup

General Motors just revealed a new pickup with a bed made from carbon fiber, an expensive lightweight material usually found in high-priced exotic sports cars, not cradling sheets of plywood or cinder blocks. On the new GMC Sierra Denali, all the inside surfaces of the truck's bed are made from

Jaguar reveals electric SUV

Jaguar has unveiled its first electric vehicle, the I-Pace SUV. A concept version of the I-Pace was revealed two years ago.The vehicle displayed Thursday was the actual production version of the SUV that will go on sale later this year. Like the concept vehicle, the I-Pace has a very short

Equifax says hackers stole more than previously reported

Timeline: Equifax data breach Cybercriminals exposed millions more people's personal information in the Equifax hack than the company reported last September. On Thursday, Equifax(EFX) said the breach surfaced 2.4 million more Americans' names and drivers license numbers -- less data than was exposed from the millions of other victims. Equifax

EU gives tech companies 1 hour to remove terrorist content

Zuckerberg: 'We have a responsibility to do more' Europe is telling tech companies to take down terrorist content within an hour of it being flagged -- or face sweeping new legislation. The European Union, which published a broad set of recommendations on Thursday, said that tech companies would have three months

Spotify’s IPO is not like other IPOs

Spotify releases its first audio-visual book Spotify is ready to press play on its IPO. The streaming music company filed paperwork on Wednesday for a $1 billion initial public offering. The company expects to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "SPOT." In an unusual move, Spotify

A suspected Russian troll in the U.S. tries to erase her past

Rosenstein: Russians paid, recruited Americans For years, Agata Burdonova had shared nearly every aspect of her life online. That lasted until this past weekend, when a Russian TV news channel outed her as a former employee of a Russian troll factory now living in a suburb of Seattle. Now Burdonova, 31,

ClassPass once again changes its business model

Inside ClassPass, the infamous all-gym membership ClassPass is once again changing its business model. The alternative gym and studio startup is eliminating the constraints that have long been holding back members. It is removing its rule for members to take only three classes each month at the same location, which deters

Uber Health will get patients to and from the doctor

Uber Express Pool competes with the city bus Uber is launching a new service that will help out patients who need rides to and from their doctors. Uber Heath will partner with health care providers, who will be able to schedule rides for patients using a special digital platform. The providers

China has found a new way to block banned words

China's multifaceted messaging app: WeChat China's vast censorship apparatus is using a new technique for rooting out banned words, experts say. Censors are now scanning images shared in the hugely popular messaging platform WeChat and pulling them if they contain certain sensitive words or phrases, according to a new report from