Medical News Today: Drinking soda daily may harm your fertility

If you are trying to get pregnant, you might want to cut back on soda; a new study has found that it could reduce your chances of conceiving.New research finds that soda could harm your chances of becoming pregnant. New research — which has now been published in the journal Epidemiology

Medical News Today: It’s official: Pets benefit our mental health

A new meta-analysis of 17 academic papers finds evidence that having a pet benefits people with mental health problems. The research also reviews the pet owners' testimonials, laying out the various ways that pets offer them much-needed solace.Pets provide invaluable support for people with mental health problems. An increasing amount of

Medical News Today: How making fun of yourself can make you happy

Self-deprecating jokes are the best — unless I make them. See what I did there? Judging by my humor (or lack thereof), you may think that I'm not a very self-confident person or have a tendency to be sad. According to a new study, however, nothing could be farther from

Medical News Today: Single dads twice as likely to die prematurely

A large-scale study has compared the lifestyle and mortality risk of single dads with those of partnered parents and single moms. The findings are now published in the journal The Lancet Public Health.While the causes are unclear, it appears that single dads are more likely to die a premature death

Medical News Today: Just 1 hour of gaming may improve attention

The brain can be affected by just 1 hour of playing video games, according to new research published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.Researchers suggest that gaming for just 1 hour may boost attention. The study — which was conducted by scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology

Medical News Today: How can I get rid of milia?

What are milia?Home remediesMedical treatmentsPreventionTypes and causesRisk factorsOutlook Milia are small, yellow or white cysts that appear in clusters, usually on the face. They are often found in newborns but can affect people of any age.This article looks at different types of milia, their causes, and possible ways to get rid

Medical News Today: Common blood pressure drug may prevent type 1 diabetes

Researchers from Colorado and Florida have found that a drug commonly used to control blood pressure could have another use: preventing and treating type 1 diabetes.Researchers have identified a blood pressure drug that could help to prevent type 1 diabetes. The new research — co-authored by Dr. Aaron Michels, an associate

Medical News Today: What is golfer’s elbow and how is it treated?

SymptomsCausesSeeing a doctorComplicationsDiagnosisTreatmentExercisesPreventionOutlook Medial epicondylitis is a type of tendinitis, a condition marked by inflammation or irritation of a tendon. In the case of medial epicondylitis, overuse or injury causes small tears in the tendon that connects the elbow to the wrist. These tears cause swelling of the tendon and pain.A

Medical News Today: What side effects can result from interferon?

This content requires JavaScript to be enabled. Bennett, A. L., Smith, D. W., Cummins, M. J., Jacoby, P. A., Cummins, J. M., & Beilharz, M. W. (2013, September). Low-dose oral interferon alpha as prophylaxis against viral respiratory illness: A double-blind, parallel controlled trial during an influenza pandemic year. Influenza and