What's in store for the future of energy markets, day to day?

Wind and solar energy are growing rapidly in the U.S. As these energy sources become a bigger part of the electricity mix, their growth raises new questions: How do solar and wind influence energy prices? And as power plants last for decades, what should policymakers and investors think about

Minnesota's renewable energy revolution

Listen Story audio 38min 52sec Want Climate Cast in your feed each week? Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Renewable sources of energy — solar, wind, and hydro — now place second in Minnesota's energy portfolio. A quarter percent of electricity generated in Minnesota

EU paves way for final showdown on energy 'governance' bill

European Union legislators made progress Wednesday (23 May) on a draft EU law that sets a “trajectory” for the deployment of renewable energies in Europe and puts in place a “gap-filler” mechanism to ensure the bloc meets its 2030 energy and climate objectives. Negotiators from the European Commission, Parliament and