No Longer a Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across the US

It was 1997, and stakeholders were working hard to help craft the first renewable energy standard in the State of Massachusetts, which ultimately passed as part of an electric utility restructuring act. At that time, the notion that Massachusetts would be one of the top solar states in the

Facebook data center in Oregon to be supported by renewable energy

Facebook’s Prineville Data Center in Oregon is to be supported by 100 percent solar power under a new partnership with Pacific Power. div > > p:first-child"> The collaboration will see the new solar developments have a combined capacity of 437 megawatts (MW), including two projects

Energy Storage Gets Its Day in Congress

Energy storage experts got to ask what their country could do for them Wednesday. The House Energy and Commerce Committee convened a hearing on “the role of energy storage in the nation’s electricity system,” which gave industry insiders the rare chance to share what they’ve been thinking before a national

As Denver moves to clean energy, don't leave the rest of Colorado behind

It seems next to impossible to turn on the local news today, read about the fires raging across our state and still deny global warming. Our elected officials can no longer choose to bury their heads in the sand as natural disasters become increasingly severe threatening communities  across Colorado

Rural Households Spend Much More of Their Income on Energy Bills than Others

WASHINGTON -- Rural households across the United States spend a disproportionately high share of their income on energy bills—about 40 percent more than their metropolitan counterparts—but energy efficiency upgrades can help significantly, according to a report released today by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and the Energy Efficiency