European Nations Plan to Use More Hydrogen for Energy Needs

BERLIN —  Dozens of European countries are backing a plan to increase the use of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels to cut the continent's carbon emissions.Energy officials from 25 countries pledged Tuesday to increase research into hydrogen technology and accelerate its everyday use to power factories, drive cars

You think your neighbors can drive energy conservation

EnlargeMidwest Energy News / Flickr You probably think of someone who exemplifies the “keeping up with the Joneses” mindset as behaving in an obnoxious way. You may roll your eyes at a neighbor preening their immaculate clone-army-of-grass-blades lawn,

EU countries agree to explore hydrogen as energy source

BRUSSELS, Sept 18 (Reuters) - European Union energy ministers agreed on Tuesday to pool efforts to increase the use of hydrogen in transport and power as part of the bloc's attempt to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030. The non-binding initiative, seen by Reuters

Nuclear Energy Needs Truth, Not Truthiness

Nuclear waste storage and disposal is an incredibly safe activity with a worker safety record better than working in EWalmart. But nuclear scientists are nowhere in its public discourse and media coverage. No

Facebook signs 20-year deal to supply Singapore operations with clean energy

Sembcorp Industries has announced a 20-year deal to support the Singapore operations, including a new data center, of tech giant Facebook with renewable power. In an official announcement on Tuesday, Sembcorp said it would supply Facebook with renewable energy via offsite solar panels installed on almost 900 rooftops in

To End Poverty, Increase Access to Energy

The goal of alleviating global poverty is not controversial. Poverty creates terrible human suffering and wasted human potential, and it’s urgent that we find solutions. Some solutions are obvious and widely popular, such as vaccines, free primary schooling and better nutrition. But we have also come to understand that