Another commodity looking toppy

I wish there were something rousing in the news to begin this new week that would invigorate buyers to return and send the overconfident bears scattering for the exits but alas, nothing that I can find would seem to provide such.  It is not that ag markets are doing much

Nest cuts coal and nuclear fuel from new commodities fund

The UK public pension fund Nest will cut out coal, uranium and cobalt from its new commodity investments, it said on Monday, as it recruited US-based CoreCommodity Management to manage its money. Nest, which planned a move into commodity assets six months ago, said that CoreCommodity has agreed to take

Key food commodities face risk of price spike

Emiko Terazono July 16, 2018 Print this page The depressing effect of trade tension on key food commodities has obscured the risks of a sharp spike in prices, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.The introduction of trade tariffs — and the prospect of more — has added to the downward

Nominations a commodity for presidential rivals to Higgins

President Michael D Higgins. Photo: Arthur Carron Nominations a commodity for presidential rivals to Higgins When Michael D Higgins fired the starting gun on this year's presidential race, he may have triggered a campaign where the greatest feat is being able to take part - not winning the contest. Email When Michael D

UK pension fund Nest moves into commodities

Jennifer Thompson July 15, 2018 Print this page The UK’s £3.4bn state-backed workplace pension scheme is to begin investing in commodities, treading a cautious path as it balances generating better returns with pushing for action on climate change. Nest has appointed CoreCommodity Management, a US group, as commodities fund manager, with a

Grain prices reflect stockpiled commodity

Tweet Share Messenger Google Plus Whatsapp Share Save reddit Email National grain supplies are stockpiled, which means lower profits for Virginia grain producers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a quarterly grain stockpile report June 29 that showed the