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3 Stocks That Turned $10,000 into $350,000

OLED data by YCharts

The company not only makes bank on the sale of OLEDs, it also does a brisk business licensing its OLED-related patents, of which it holds over 4,200. On top of that, it provides research services to associates for a fee.

So with Universal Display, we’ve got a company in a hot sector that’s taking advantage of multiple revenue streams. Not surprisingly, both the top and bottom lines have been climbing steeply — for fiscal 2017, revenue advanced by 69% to nearly $336 million, with adjusted net profit more than doubling to $115 million.

Like NVIDIA, it doesn’t seem that Universal Display’s growth drivers will vanish anytime soon. And even though the company’s stock took a nasty hit after releasing its most recent set of results due to weaker-than-expected guidance, it’s still up substantially. A share that cost $3.44 just before the turn of the Millennium is worth nearly $126 now. is a cloud computing company that has been in existence longer than most of us have even been aware of the cloud. Over that time it has amassed a huge customer base made up of businesses of various types and sizes around the world. The company’s sprawling customer relationship management (CRM) software product line helps organize and streamline a great many tasks for these entities.

CRM ChartCRM Chart

CRM data by YCharts

They clearly need and want the assistance.’s most recent fiscal year (2018) illustrates this. Revenue was up 25% to almost $10.5 billion, while adjusted net profit zoomed ahead by 41% to land at $991 million ($1.39 per share). Fiscal 2019’s top-line growth might not be so hot, at “only” 20% or so according to’s guidance, but EPS is expected to show a 45% improvement.

Those numbers are hard to ignore. As a result, the company’s stock is notching new all-time high prices these days, which is saying something for a stock that’s been on the market since 2004. recently closed just shy of $128; in its first year of trading, it could be bought for under $4.

Make me a millionaire

The best part of this is that such monster stock price gains aren’t as rare as many would suspect. For proof, here’s the skinny on a pair of famous names that each turned $1,000 into more than $200,000, and on another trio that crossed the $1 million mark on an initial outlay of $10,000.

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