Snapchat lawsuit put on hold

Couple sues Snapchat for car accident Snapchat says it's not to blame for a car crash that took place last year. A Georgia resident sued the company last month for being partially responsible for a collision that left him with serious brain injuries. Wentworth Maynard is accusing another driver, Christal

Jury sides with Google in billion dollar Oracle suit

A jury is currently deliberating a landmark court case between Google and Oracle over Android's use of Java APIs. Here's the $9 billion question: If a software company puts a free tool online, do developers need the company's permission to use it? A jury is currently deliberating that crucial point in

Facebook and Microsoft are building a giant cable under the sea

Facebook and Microsoft are working together on an unusual project. The two tech behemoths want to bury a 6,600 km cable deep under the Atlantic Ocean, stretching all the way from Virginia to Spain. The companies deal with a tremendous about of data every day, whether it's showing photos to

Tech startup Twilio files to go public

Twilio, a company that embodies everything that's hot in tech right now, is planning to go public. The startup, which builds cloud-based mobile communication services, filed an S-1 with the SEC on Thursday.The company makes it possible for businesses like Uber and Nordstorm to message or call their customers. Testimonials

McDonald’s raided by French police

5 stunning stats about McDonald's Even Ronald McDonald can't escape the long arm of the law. French police raided McDonald's(MCD) offices on the outskirts of Paris last week to look for evidence of tax evasion. The French prosecutor's office said Thursday the search was conducted after a group of McDonald's

The most unloved stock market since 2005

If you love stocks, you're probably feeling pretty lonely right now. Less than 18% of mom and pop investors are bullish on the market, according to a survey released on Thursday by the American Association of Individual Investors. That's the lowest level of support for stocks since April 2005

How young millionaires invest their money

Millennials are changing the investing agenda. They don't justwant to grow their money: Many Millennials want to achieve social and environmental goals through their investments. It's called "impact investing" and it's not just a buzz word. "Impact investing is hitting the mainstream," says Jackie VanderBrug, investment strategist at U.S.

Don’t shine on you crazy diamond?

A tale of two consumers He didn't go to Jared! Or Kay. Or Zales. Or even Piercing Pagoda apparently. Signet Jewelers(SIG), the company that owns these four shopping mall based brands, reported disappointing sales Thursday and a tepid outlook. The stock fell 10% on the news. The poor results come one

Best cars for the super-rich

Video - Meet the Dawn, Rolls-Royce sexy new convertible If you've got lots of money and you're looking for a comfy new convertible, the Robb Report recommends the Rolls-Royce Dawn. With its powerful 6.6-liter V12 engine, Rolls-Royce bills the Dawn as a more driver-oriented car than you might typically expect from